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 Welcome to iTrend


Audience Intelligence... YOUR MOST POWERFUL TOOL

From the largest West End and Broadway musicals to the smallest fringe and off-Broadway productions and venues, iTrend delivers the vital information and insightful knowledge needed to make the most well-informed, creatively feasible and cost-effective decisions.

Working with new productions during previews or long-running shows, iTrend provides affordable, reliable, confidential audience intelligence to facilitate:  

  • Marketing, Production and Venue decisions
  • Budgetary decisions
  • Audience development plans
  • Customer service

Audience intelligence can be facilitated in a number of ways:

iTrend Surveys:

  • iTrend provides several survey options to meet your individual needs
  • surveys culminate in a comprehensive and easy to read report of detailed quantifiable and qualifiable feedback
  • most importantly, iTrend surveys identify trends and patterns in the feedback so you know exactly what the majority of your customers are thinking—and saying— about your project

Box Office Data Analysis:

  • In tandem with Surveys, historic and advance sales can be analysed, compared and contextualised 
iTrend's services are available direct or through your marketing company
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